With Social Life Management’s
Individual Plan
You Can:

  • Identify, own, manage and improve your search results and online image
  • Utilize services on up to 15 of the top social media platforms available
  • Create and publish social media content and engage with other users
  • Set up alerts for any time your name is used online
  • Suppress negative search results through content creation, SEO techniques, and/or legal action
  • View detailed social media analytics
  • Experience greater peace of mind knowing that your name is protected

With Social Life Management’s
Family Plan
Users Can:

  • Take advantage of everything that the Individual Plan has to offer, PLUS:
  • Identify, own, manage, and improve online material on up to FOUR (4) separate profiles for children, spouses, close friends, and others
  • Set custom permission tiers
  • Monitor your children’s Facebook wall, Twitter feed, blog posts, personal information, and much more

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For Individuals and Families

Whether you’re searching for or safeguarding a job, applying to college, dating, social networking or just monitoring your online visibility, negative search results can have catastrophic effects on your life.

For those currently holding or seeking to hold positions where character and reputation are often evaluated, online social life and reputation management is absolutely essential. Some of these positions may include:

  • Managers and Executives
  • Persons of Authority
  • Healthcare and Legal Professionals
  • Government Workers
  • Service Providers
  • Teachers and Those Who Work with Children
  • Insurance Agents
  • Real Estate Salespeople and Franchisees
  • Members of Organizations Like Country Clubs and PTA

Like adults, children and teens are rapidly becoming more involved in social media and beginning at a younger age. However, with that comes a potential downside – hurtful cyberbullying, inappropriate content and reputation damage. Therefore, it’s critical for parents to monitor and protect.